Make Your Voice Heard

The exciting times of voting do not end on the 18th September. The week after the Scottish Independence Referendum you will have the chance to elect the members of the Student Representative Council for the new academic year.

The SRC is the highest level of student representation within the University of Dundee. The council meets every three weeks usually on Tuesdays with the purpose of taking action and solving the issues that are most important to you.

Members of the body include the DUSA Executive, the School Presidents, the President of the Sports’ Union and the other councillors which you will elect on the 25th and 26th September. There are various portfolios in which students can get involved with: they range from students who have a particular interest to represent their international, first year, postgraduate, mature or disabled peers, to others who want to tackle issues related to the environment and inequality. Furthermore, the SRC prides itself for having a Chair who is directly elected by the student population.

The SRC has had various successes in recent years. Last year the University pilot tested a 24 hour access to the main library before and during the spring exam diet following a motion by the SRC. Also, the decision of the SRC to ban the advertisement of payday lenders from the campus was supported by the University and made national coverage on the BBC website.  Prior to that the SRC has been lobbying the University for an earlier announcement of the exam timetable – an issue which is still relevant and is still monitored by the Council.

If you want to stand for elections, it is a very simple process. Nomination packs are available in hard copy from the DUSA building. Just come and visit our Deputy President Stefan Tomov. Nominations are happening online on the Union’s website. Just see the election nomination pack materials below. They contain all the relevant information you need to become an SRC Councillor.

Step up and make your voice heard!

The nominations close on Friday the 19th September at 12 pm.

Please submit your nominations online or send it via email to

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